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Photo showing example of Deluxe Maroon Scrabble Letters.
Photo shows example of 'Deluxe Maroon' Scrabble Letters.
Deluxe Maroon Scrabble Letter Replacements.
Choices: A, E, I O, U.
Sold - By-The-Piece

Available Quantity   20.

Cost - $.40 each   
U.S.  S & H - $1.00
Add $.20 for each additional tile.
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Here is an example:
Let's suppose you want 1 'E', 1 'O' and 2 'U's.
That's 4 Vowels which total $1.60.
S & H is $1.60 ( $1.00 for the first letter and .20 cents for each additional )

Your total would be $3.20.
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Using this example you will be able to figure out the correct amount for
completing the Paypal entries.

Use Paypal Mobile
to make fast AND secure payments.
Click the Paypal button then click ' Send Money'
(1.) You will be taken to Paypal's Secure ( https: ) Mobile Login
(2.) After Login make the following entries:
   (a.) A $ amount which includes S & H - in 'Amount Box'.( use above example to figure out amount)
   (b.) - in 'Email Box'
   (c.) A list of Deluxe Maroon Vowels desired - in 'Note Box'.

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Please specify in the 'Note Box' that the Letter Style is 'Deluxe Maroon'.
I sell 3 other styles of Letter Tiles. If you do not say I will not know what style to send.
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