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Customized Ceramic Pet Grave Memorial.
Large - Light BLUE.

This affordable yet distinctive custom ceramic marker is handmade of high-fire white stoneware
and will be a PERMANENT memorial to your beloved pet.
Featuring a light blue glazed surface for endurance and easy cleaning,
the marker measures 2 and 1/2 inches in width, is 3/8 of an inch thick,
and will range from 13 inches to 14 inches in height, depending upon the number of letters in the name.

You choose the name to be stamped into the clay AND the cut-out design,
either a [3]HEART or[4]STAR, at the top of the marker.
Simply [5]email me your choices after purchase or include the information with your payment.

This one has the option of having the [6]Date, [7]Year of Passing
or [8]Lifespan (ex. 11-8-2008, 2008 or 1994-2008) stamped
on the marker for an additional $5.00 payment.

U.S. shipping $8.50 or $10.00 depending on zip code.
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