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Select Items Listed Your Satisfaction And Value Gauranteed,
is a 60+ retired Pa. State employee.
Thirty four years married and father to two full grown sons.

On this site there is no 'WE' or 'US'.
None of that 'we will do that', 'contact us', etc.

Here, on,, naturespickings, and goodplanscheap,
it is 'I' or 'ME'. The buck stops with me.

My main site, SILYSAVG.COM, and SILYSAVG.MOBI plus my two 'sidesites',
NaturesPickings and GoodPlansCheap, pretty much cover my interests.

On [0] NaturesPickings I offer nature items for sale that I gather from forests and fields.
Since I love to forage for wild edible plants and mushrooms and otherwise
spend a great deal of time in the woods, you will find many items on NaturesPickings,
edible, decorative or craft items, that I pick up during my jaunts.

With [1] GoodPlansCheap I offer Do-It-Yourself plans, blueprints, schematics,
designs, illustrations, etc., many of which are projects that I would love to build myself,
have sold on multiple occasions to satisfied customers or have been involved with myself.

With the main site, [2] SILYSAVG.COM, and now [3] SILYSAVG.MOBI, I have venues for selling
items that I find during my many flea market, garage sale, yard sale, thrift shop
and estate sale trips that I frequent on a regular basis.
That is one of my several favorite activities.
I love to find items at a low cost, as most of us do.
To find them and make a bit of profit is 'icing on the cake'.

After 10+ years on eBay, and other online sale sites, selling thousands of items
and gaining the experience, knowledge and outstanding reputation
it has become time to strike out a bit on my own.
Building these web sites, on my own, is also a passion. Lots to learn! Keeps the brain active.

Of course, I will still have a presence on [4] eBay, [5] eBid and [6] iOffer, in addition my own sites.

My reputation can be checked on all those listed. Check them out.

On eBay and eBid my username is: silysavg
On iOffer my username is: ref750

Shipping items is generally via the United States Postal Service and usually 'Priority Mail',
either 'Flat Rate' or 'Regular Priority', whichever is more economical for the customer.
On some occasions, Parcel Post or First Class Mail is used.
Books and magazines will be sent via 'Media Mail' unless requested otherwise.

I do ship internationally.


Please, if contemplating the purchase of two or more item lots from any of my sites,
and if the 'Pay' buttons are not set up already to take into account that multiple items
are being ordered, let me know by [7] email, beforehand, so that an invoice can be sent
with the correct S & H charges.
I am not going through all this website building effort to rip anyone off on shipping charges.

I accept several forms of payment to enable a sale.
No financial information needs to be divulged to make a purchase.

Paypal and Google checkout, in addition to using them on their own,
also provide a method of using credit cards without giving me your confidential financial information.
Also, I accept payments via MPAYY, Amazon Payments and Obopay.
I also accept cash, check, money orders, foreign cash and unused U.S. Postage stamps.

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